Checking off the dates

Checking off the dates

For the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been seeing a stream of emails in my inbox from companies whose subscriber lists I’ve ended up on. They’re all asking me the same thing, and it’s not the usual “buy all of our stuff”. Instead, they’re all suggesting that I let them know whether or not I’d like to hear about Father’s Day. I don’t remember this being a thing last year, but I’ve probably had about 25 in the last month.

Although the cynic inside my head wonders whether they’re banking on some goodwill purchases as I marvel at their selfless sensitivity, I’m pretty happy about this development. The recognition that National days of celebration are not always celebratory occasions for everyone, or devoid of complicated feelings is a welcome change.

Father’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those in your life who have played the role (and you can read all about mine here).

But it can also be a day of confusion, guilt, sadness, regret, and a lot of cookie dough ice cream.

So, in the spirit of making things a little easier on social media for some people today, here is an article that my friend Angeline shared with me.

“Father’s Day for those Widowed Young”

It’s from Care for the Family, and gives some clear tips on how to support someone dealing with loss on Fathers’ Day (and any other day).

Let’s celebrate our father figures, and be there for our friends.

With love x

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