Making a break part 3 – Our bodies

Making a break part 3 – Our bodies

I’m over at Feel Fit UK again today, with the final installment of my truly unscientific, but hopefully quite interesting, look at how things have changed in health and fitness down the generations of my family.

You can find the blog (and the previous two installments) here.

I’d love to know what you think and whether your family experiences have been similar.

2 thoughts on “Making a break part 3 – Our bodies

  1. Hi Peta Three very good reads, I am sure you are aware of her, but Jack Monroe is a very good writer on living well very cheaply. She has written cook books like Cooking on a Bootstrap, Tin Can Cook, Good Food for Bad Days. Her recipes may come in handy for your work in schools? I also have a very poor recollection of PE at School, one report said I was totally uncoordinated and no ability. Who would write that now? Never the less, I still played hockey for the School (RB) and ShotPut as well (once because no-one else could throw it!). I still do not enjoy exercise and although I think wistfully about maybe running like Tom does, it isn’t going to happen with my knees and my ability to fall down and end up in hospital for three weeks (blood infection following a fall in France).

    I have loved reading your blog and have pointed a couple of Twitter friends in your direction (re the bereavement posts and children), I hope that you are all doing well, and that Holly is coping OK with everything as well.

    Lots of love

    Hilary (Penny and Lottie’s big sister).



    1. Thank you Hillary! It is so sad that so many people started off with such negativity around fitness. I truly believe it has lasting consequences.
      Please don’t end up back in hospital though 🙏
      I love Jack Monroe, she is a gem and should be given all the OBE’s/etc!
      So glad you’ve enjoyed reading and thanks for recommendating me. Lots of love to you too xx


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