Hire Me!

Hire Me!

Ethan rocking office-wear circa 2016

If you’re here I’m going to take the huge mental leap that you like my writing (That or you followed a random Facebook ad because of a rather cute picture of my daughter and now you’re terribly confused as to who is writing all these long sentences… In which case: Welcome!).

But did you know that you can have some of that writing for your very own?!

I love writing, about anything. And, with a new-ish baby to work around I have recently set up as a freelance copywriter and web content creator.

“What is that?!” I hear you cry!

Well, for a small fee, I will write blogs for your website (as me, or as you, or as a fictional Great Aunt Margaret, depending on your target audience), or all the words on the “About Us” page you’ve been struggling with, or the email newsletter you committed to sending out to your contacts regularly and now dread when it comes around each month.

Wherever you (or someone you know) is having trouble putting your thoughts down to reach out to your audience, I can create engaging, relatable and interesting content to help you communicate more effectively.

I am just starting out, and I would be so grateful if you would put the word around, and suggest me to your friends when you’re all catching up before the start of the Zoom quizzes that will probably start being a thing again now (#ruleofsix).

If you have any questions then please get in touch via the facebook and instagram pages, via email: secondtimearound.day@gmail.com , or in the comments.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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