18 weeks and bump is now bigger than boobs!!

Since we got back from Carfest, it’s been a manic rush to get all the back-to-school stuff sorted. So I’m a bit behind in keeping you all caught up with Hatchling developments! I’ve just dropped Ethan off for his 2nd day of school and the house is a lot quieter than I’ve been used to these past 8 weeks.

We had our first consultant appointment last week. Doctor’s appointments in the summer holidays are a pain in the backside! The plan had been to get someone to look after Ethan so that he wouldn’t have to hear me talk about nearly dying when I gave birth to him….desperately trying not to give the poor boy a complex! But no-one was available, so we settled on Nintendo Switch and penguin headphones…. ah, the wonders of 21st century parenting!

But it turns out that it was pretty awesome that he was with us. He got to hear the Hatchling’s heartbeat and the lovely midwife explained all the noises and numbers to him. He had the biggest grin on his face – very special!

The wonderful consultant (who I would like to always be my consultant for everything for ever and ever!), read the letters about Ethan’s birth and asked me what I wanted this time around. I was fully prepared (with my usual worse case scenario head on) to have to stage some kind of sit-in to get the elective c-section I wanted. But when I told her she just said “Fine”. And that was that – all sorted! To say that I felt relieved would be a bit of an understatement. Now I don’t have to spend the next 21 weeks worrying that I’m going to die in childbirth…you know, it’s the little things…

So now we know how the final weeks of pregnancy will pan out (and we all know that I like a plan!). Blood tests in the run up to make sure I have all the iron I need, anaesthetists appointment in week 38 where we’ll get a day for the section, and then going in early on that day in week 39 and waiting for my spot! Very straightforward. Then all we have to worry about is keeping an actual baby alive for 18 years…

The Hatchling has been moving around a bit more. I have realised that I’m going to panic when I don’t feel it as much. I’ve got an anterior placenta, so it’s perfectly normal. With that information I can bring myself back from the panic…but realising that it will be where my head goes is quite useful really.

There’s lots to do now that Ethan is at school and I have my days back! The next massive task is to sort out the loft/guest room. All the baby things I’ve collated over the last few months has amalgamated into this huge pile of stuff that all needs a home! So if you need me I’ll be counting babygros and trying to get Ethan to cull his toy collection so we can change the playroom into a nursery. (He doesn’t actually play with any of it anyway, but the occasions when I’ve suggested charity donation have not gone down well.)

Wish me luck!! x

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