Going public

Going public

A very proud big brother!

So we went Facebook-official this week…eek!

With the all-clear at the 12-week scan on Monday we decided it was safe to let those who Ethan hadn’t already told know that team member no. 4 was on the way. I’d really been looking forward to this moment, and since the 1st trimester seemed like it was going to go on forever, it was a huge relief to get it out there.

And the best thing – it reminded me how big and how wonderful a support network we have all around the world. Facebook gets a bad rap (I’ve watched The Great Hack: I know that there are reasons to condemn and steer clear), but throughout my life I have moved around A LOT. I have met loads of wonderful people who have been incredible important to me at different points. But I am only human – it is impossible to keep in touch with them all on an individual and regular basis. Facebook means we can stay part of each other’s lives and not feel guilty that we aren’t writing each other 8 page letters once a month. So, I guess Zuckerberg has me for life *sigh*.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people are rooting for you. It’s easy to forget how many people are happy for your happiness, and want to share in your good news (and in your bad). It takes a village to raise a child. My village is widely spread. But they all form part of the web within which I have raised Ethan. They are part of the larger family we have created so that he feels loved and supported and secure, no matter what happens to him.

I know that I always have someone to call upon when the going gets tough, or when things are shiny bright. And both of those are equally important. After Mark died the single parent thing was hard. There was no-one there in the moment to share those exciting events with (or the struggles). When I watched him cry through his first swimming lesson with no-one to talk to I posted on Facebook. A flood of messages came back to me with reassurance. When we went on our first camping trip together I posted a photo of the completed trailer tent and others shared in the sense of pride. It can be very lonely in moments like that. But my virtual village pulled me through. I’m so grateful that they still want to travel along now there are 3 of us (soon to be 4!).

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